The Sucker Punch

Sometimes life gives you a sucker punch – “a quick punch delivered without warning; an unexpected blow”. What then? … More The Sucker Punch


What Would Your Key Be?

      unlock Simple Definition of unlock : to open the lock on (something) : to find out about (something that was secret or unknown) : to make (something) available for use Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary Sometime last year I was introduced to something known as “Giving Keys”.  Some of my friends began wearing keys with words on … More What Would Your Key Be?

Boy are you in cold water! … and other cool things

Following are a couple of excerpts from my upcoming book from some amazing happenings back in ‘85’ – experiencing God’s provision supernaturally natural: Besides the natural, I also experienced the supernatural, like those things you might say are crazy if you had never walked it through yourself!  For example, at one point in the next … More Boy are you in cold water! … and other cool things


What is it that makes your heart smile?  Can you feel it?  Maybe it’s that special someone calling your name? Maybe it’s when you think of your favorite place to be? Maybe it’s when you think of a favorite food or song? It ebbs from the very inner core and radiates from your inner most … More MY HEART SMILES